Teaching in FE and skills!

Thinking of moving into teaching?

In this section you can find more information about embarking on a new career in teaching and training in the lifelong learning sector.

There are many reasons why teaching in further education (FE) and skills can be a rewarding and fulfilling job. If you are seeking a career in a lively sector, where every week is different from the last, then teaching or training in further education is the ideal profession for you.

For most entering the sector, teaching and training is a second career, or teaching is part time, alongside working in their vocational field. Teaching in FE and skills provides a great opportunity to pass on your skills and make a difference to learners,be they young people or adults.

According to FE Advice, there are over 350 general FE and sixth-form colleges, work-based training providers, adult and community learning providers and specialist colleges in England. There are also more than 1,000 private and 200 public training providers and 11 per cent of higher education in England is taught in FE colleges.

In short, FE is all around you

With so many different training providers across the country, there is a vast range of teaching and training opportunities available. Courses offered in the sector range from accountancy, art, bakery, English, history and mathematics through to retail, tax and yachts and navigation.

In other words, almost every academic and vocational subject you can think of can be found in FE and taught at a range of levels.