Why is having the Diploma In Education and Training considered advantageous?

It is not too late to become a teacher in the Post-Compulsory sector. You can enroll for a Diploma in education and training program. Formally called a dtlls course, the UK diploma program is a level 5 qualification. It is equal to the second year of a bachelor’s degree program. This course’s study mode is full-time and a student needs to be in class for 21 hours every week.

By the time you complete your training, you will have acquired at least 120 credits. 100 hours will serve as evidence that a teacher has undergone practical training. Moreover, each student has to be observed eight times for at least one hour. A Pass grade is a minimum you could get to obtain your QTLS status.

Now that you know the basics of this teacher training course, do you want to enroll? If so, you could join TAP Training school today. Once you get admitted to our school, we will take you through an induction process that will shed some light on the mandatory and optional units. Meanwhile, we will tell you why enrolling for a diploma course is considered beneficial.

Easy GCSE entry requirements

If you want to benefit from diploma teacher training UK programs, you must have the right GCSE qualifications. Basically, what you need is a grade C/grade 4 or its equivalent in mathematics and English to become a secondary school teacher. Do you meet these qualifications? If not, do not worry. Just contact us and we will see if we could give you a GCSE equivalent test.

Teach in Secondary schools and Further Education

This is one of the best teacher training courses the UK offers its citizens. Even if you don’t qualify to study a degree course, a diploma qualification is enough to take you places. The sort of training you will get will enable you to handle a higher level of responsibility with regard to designing, delivering and managing a curriculum. Also, you will become a Qualified Teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Above all, you will be employed in secondary education facilities and Further Education institutions. The latter was effected in 2012. Since then, Further Education teachers can do with just a diploma qualification, unlike before when they had to have a PGCE or CertEd.

Now you can study online

We provide a distance learning diploma training course for teachers. Once you enroll with us, we will send you home study materials. At the same time, we will provide an internet-based tutor who will take you through training and assessments. Training observations are easy too, as we offer them through Skype or video. Comprehensive templates and guides are available and will be provided to you as soon as you become a part of us. The ability to study at home and online saves time as it removes the need to attend classroom lessons. Our diploma course is all you need to continue working as you study. All you need to do is to complete the total hours of normal learning and teaching practice. After this, you will be a licensed teacher who can find work anywhere in the UK.